Potty Training Twins

Diapers are expensive let’s be honest.  Although I was excited at the prospect of not having to buy diapers I was slightly panicked about potty training kids.   You might be thinking – why would she be worried about potty training she has two older kids?    I’m sure I’m not the only mom who forgets things – lets be honest I can walk into a room and forget what I need to get/do/or say to someone.   I cannot for the life of me remember the details of potty training my older two.   Plus potty training twins is a whole new world.   

Mom of Twins did write a blog on her experience with potty training her boy/girl twins.   I did take some of her tips but, I also had a slightly different experience I thought I’d share.

First, your children need to show signs that they are ready to start potty training.   Remember all children are different.   Some may show interest earlier than 2 and some not until they are 3 ½.  My boys started at 2 to hide while pooping waving at us “No Look”.    They would also tell us when they needed a diaper change if we did not notice that they had peed/etc.    If you start to notice these signs then prep your kids to begin.   Start to talk about the potty – read books or watch cartoons.    Schedule and exciting trip to your favorite store to purchase “big kid” underwear.   

Potty Training Twins doesn’t necessarily mean it will more difficult it just means you might need to move faster in my experience.    Faster to notice that one twin is showing signs they need to go, faster to get both on/off the potty, etc.    

You might want to consider these tips with twins:

Invest in a potty seat, pull-ups and big kid underwear.   We decided to not purchase little potties for the boys.  We have stools and potty inserts which work very well.   I did not need an extra potty to have to empty/clean and didn’t want to train them to use a small potty and then train them to use the big potty.  

If you are able to have the twins go bottomless that will save you from having to do more laundry.   I would however avoid the carpeted areas of your home for extended playtimes unless you are keeping a very watchful eye.  (Personal experience tip:  If you have a small ball pit for your kiddos remove it until they have learned how to use the potty.  My daughter had one of these and had multiple accidents.   It is a PAIN to clean a ball pit and the 100’s of balls inside of it!)

Dress for Success – if you don’t want to have them go bottomless then dress in easy to pull on/off clothing.   My boys either run around in underwear or underwear and sweatpants.   Avoid buckles/zippers/etc.  

Get extra help.    Bring in your mom, mother in law, husband, nanny, etc to help watch one twin while you watch the other.

Demonstrate – take your kiddos into the bathroom with you.   Have older siblings show them that they use the potty.   If you have boys have your husband or older son demonstrate that boys can also pee standing up.    My one twin prefers to stand while my other twin prefers to sit – every child will be different.   

Rewards – You can use M&M’s or smarties or fruit chews to entice your child to want to go potty.   It can be intimidating at first but, the promise of a treat can help.   

Show Excitement – Celebrate when your child uses the potty by singing/cheering/dancing.   My one twin loves this celebration while my other twin will literally shush you until he is done going to the bathroom then a quiet celebration is accepted.

Avoid sticker charts or comparing the twins – there is no need to have a visual or constant reminder that one twin is behind the other.  This will not be motivating and instead may cause feeling of competition or jealousy.

Keep extra clothes close by – keep a basket of underwear/pants/socks/shirts close by.   Our boys room is upstairs and they play very often in our finished basement.   It saves time by keeping extra clothes near just in the case there is an accident.   

Stay positive – if there is an accident stay positive.   Mom of Twins is correct if they do have an accident it is not their fault – it is the parents fault for not reminding or taking the child frequently to the bathroom to “try”.   

I did follow the reminder rules that Mom of Twins recommended.   Remind your child every 15 minutes to use the potty.   With my boys I had to physically take them to the bathroom and sit them down every 15 minutes.   My one boy caught on right away and would go to the bathroom on his own.   My other twin needed me to take him to the bathroom and have him “try”.   

Try not to nag and definitely do not force your child to sit on the potty even if you KNOW they have to go.   You can lead your child to the bathroom but, do NOT force them to use the potty.   Also, don’t deny your child drinks.   Drink and eat as you usually would.  There is no need to increase fluids to a crazy amount.   

POOP– Now this is typically something your child may catch on to slower than pee.     If your child poops in their pants take them to the potty and see if they need to finish up.   Place the poop if you can from their underwear to the potty and say this is where poopy goes.   We typically wave it goodbye lol!

This process might seem endless but, be patient we all got the hang of it.   Be patient and encouraging and realize your children are all individuals and may catch on at different times.  Right now if you were to visit my house you would hear us saying “Peepee Potty!?!?”  Every 15/20 minutes.   I’m sure glad its wintertime and my windows aren’t open or I think my neighbors might think we are nuts!

Medicine and Being Aware

So let’s me go on record. I do vaccinate my kids but I am aware and cautious on the way it’s done. I’m alert to the different ways doctors PRACTICE medicine. I decided to write this blog post after both my twins got strep in one day. So let me start with:

My son went on Sunday with a slight fever and throat hurting . The nurses came in and did a quick culture for strep. It came up negative but the two day let it sit culture came up positive. The more I think about it , I’m wondering if it has to do with the way the culture was swabbed. My son never gagged. The reason I say this is I took my daughter in just the other day and she gagged when they did the swab and the quick test was positive instantly. This is the reason I’m writing this but thought some should be aware and realize we really need to be an advocate for our kids. I really should of had them swab again till my son gagged. The usual reflex on that test.

So let me get to the call I got that my son had strep and was told the prescription will be called in. Ok so I go and get the antibiotic and give it to him ! No problem there right!

Let’s continue to the evening. My daughter goes into the doctor and gets an antibiotic and we go home. I go to give it to her and wonder why my son is getting 10ml and my daughter is getting 11ml. They are the same weight. That little glitch made me read the bottles! I’m glad I stopped to read the bottles. Before I go any further let me say. The twins went to two different doctors! Whomever was there when they needed to go in!

When I read the bottles of the antibiotics i came to realize the twins who are the same weight have two different MG for the same diagnosis and the numbers are far from being close!

Son was given: 250mg for 5ml

My daughter: 400 mg for 5ml and/plus she was given a dosage of 1 ml more

These 250mg versus 400 mg is a huge difference in amounts and I never would of realized has that little bit more than 2 teaspoons be given! So what did I do,I called the doctor!

The response I got is still shocking and confusing me!!

Let me say again, this doctor was not the usual one we go to but same office! The doctor was trying to explain to me a scale of medicine and say my daughter got the upper end for strep and my son the lower end. Which makes no sense. She then left it up to my discretion on what amount to give my daughter. WTF right.! And of course at this point it’s 8pm! So as I write this I’m literally on the phone with the office and waiting for the usual doctor to call back as well as the office manager ! Something is not right!!

So what I have learned in the PAST HOUR: Yes there is a scale that’s for this anitbotic and there is a bottom end and upper end of the scale. All Doctors are really just PRACTICING and have there own opinions on what your child should be getting. The dosage was lowered for my daughter. Yet the upper dosage would not of hurt her, it was just on the latter part of the scale. The doctors do take into consideration not just the weight and child but if the child was sick recently in the past two weeks. (Which mine were not). In the end I have learned again…

-Check Medications MG per ML in the antibiotic that was given

-Be an Advocate for your child, Ask questions. Write them down if needed!

-Making a phone call can’t hurt!

-Oh and if your child has Strep and especially if you have twins, Change there toothbrush on day three! Separate toothpaste as well! And also Separate Syringes and Medicine cups that are labeled! Its the Little things that do help in stopping the spreading of the germs!!

-Worst case get home and check everything that just happened at the doctors office. Go through it in your head, check the medicine. Sometimes the chaos throws us off and we need a moment to regain our thoughts.

Clock or Not??

Wow it’s been a while, I know! But you know how it is, holiday parties, traditions, wrapping, eating !! I Just didn’t have time!! I had Inspiration when I decided to just suck it up and buy this Clock : http://www.amazon.com/dp/B004GHEDL0/?tag=momsoftwins .

Girls clock Click:http://www.amazon.com/dp/B004GHEDL0/?tag=momsoftwins

Boys Clock Click: http://www.amazon.com/dp/B004GHEDL0/?tag=momsoftwins

Grey Clock Click:http://www.amazon.com/dp/B01MF8PCM7/?tag=momsoftwins

I contemplated for a while because of the price but let me say it’s worth it! It was not an easy find on amazon and it doesn’t just pop up either on searches. I have no idea how I found it but I did! Thank goodness! My twins entered kindergarten in September and turned five in October. When they started school I was trying to figure out how do I go about getting these kids up. They never know the time when they wake up and always ask if it’s ok to get up. And I was so done with that. Well this is the solution. I wanted something that they could read to know to get up and start to teach them to tell time. This clock has a regular clock with the hands as well as digital. There is a little child that’s either awake or sleeping and it lights up for when you set it to light up to awake. You can also have it be a regular alarm with all different sounds. Some colors have train sound for the kids that like trains, as well as birds and chimes. Check the different versions of this clock. They have different sounds with the different versions, but they do all run the same. The face of the clock part with the hands may be different. But they are fantastic.

The kids have learned to switch off the clock in the morning and you have to turn back on at night. Just like any alarm! It will switch off the morning light that lets them know it’s ok to wake up! Look:

This clock has taught my early bird when to stay sleeping and get her rest! It’s a miracle lol! When I realized it really was working is when I change it on the weekend to have her sleep a bit later to at least eight and it worked! She woke up and said “Mommy it says eight but it doesn’t say wake up yet. Why??” It showed me she started learning to tell time on her own. I haven’t even had the chance to really sit and explain yet.

I love that this clock has all three things, the face of a clock, digital and the part for the kids to understand with the graphic! Oh and one other thing it has. It has the electric plug in, but it has the spot for batteries as well!

It’s a Win, Win for all!! A must get!! And I say don’t wait till five years old!! Happy New Year Everyone!!

Its the Cold/Flu Season..Some Tips!

So Its the Cold and Flu season and being a mom can be tough. Especially with figuring out what is wrong with your little one.

Lets start with a fever. First off a fever freaks any mommy out and that’s ok, it should. We need to be on alert . So If your baby gets a fever most of the time it can just be teeth at that 99/100 temp. But when it starts getting to the 101, that’s when I start to really pay attention to the fever. What I am writing and sharing is my own experience and what I have done.  I found when my twins get a fever of 101 and it stays and doesn’t go up or down its usually an ear infection. So I just give them some Tylenol or Advil and get them to the Doctor in the morning.  But when that temp starts to go up to the 102 plus that is when I start to get nervous and I am on it right away. If it hits close to 103.5 and you can’t bring it down, I head straight to the Doctor or PM Pediatrics. But I grab that Tylenol or Advil and give them it and then my goal is to cool them down! I start with taking off socks or blankets, a cold compress to the forehead and body. Sometimes I will take off the shirt. I find that the Advil kicks in within 10 minutes and lasts the longest. If I can’t drop the temp with just the taking off clothing. I will move them to a luke warm bath. This will help! Also Keep those fluids going. If its a baby, a bottle of water is fine for them. Also Pedialyte is good! As for toddlers I like to give them something with more than just water. Something with those electrolytes in them, Gatorade, even Cranberry, Apple juice.

Just a little Tid bit of info: If your child has a 24 hour stomach virus and is constantly puking. Try your best to get fluids in them. Ginger ale and Flat soda help the stomach. And yes its something we never give our kids, but in this situation it does help. And when they stop puking, they aren’t going to want to eat. But try your best to get some toast in them, cheerios and as for fluids you can even try ice pops. All rules get thrown out the door and you get what you can into them. But don’t start with anything that’s really heavy for there stomach if they just stopped puking. It will not stay down. Trust me!

Moving onto colds. I have stayed out of the doctors office and avoided Bronchitis  many of times by doing this: Now remember I am no doctor but I follow doctors instructions and I have not been steered wrong yet.  What I have found is that many cold medicines have ages of Four year or older and Six years and older. But many doctors when asked will tell you to give them these over the counter medicines but they give you the proper amounts to give. So just ask! My doctor always said 5 mg per 10kg. That has always worked for me. Also what has worked is using Robitussin. That has been my Lifesaver since my kids were 2 years old. Yes Two Years old! My Doctor told me it was fine to give it to them. That has always brought up there cough from there chest and surpressed it when needed. It also stops the runny and stuffy nose. I use that at night and when the kids wake up in the morning. I put them in a shower for the steam. So all those nose boogers come out. It really helps!! At night and during the day,  I find I always use Aquafora on there lips and under there nose for the rawness. I did try all those other non medical remedies like Vicks Vapor Rub, but I found they didn’t help at all! The only thing that did help was a Humidyfyer. And that too was a science cause if the kids have asthma it can work against you and if they are still coughing with the medicine just turn it off!! Everything as we know as a moms is balance..

I found that some people also don’t realize that the color of the boogers are an indicator as well if you have an infection. When they start to change colors like brown and yellow, its not good. Head to a doctor! Fever if not teething means infection. Yes a fever means the body is fighting off it but the kids are small and it can get serious fast. So head to a doctor! Also yes we give our kids over the counter medicine but be careful because sometimes it can mask things . So let that nose run for a bit and see how they are doing without any over the counter medicine. See how that cough is without it too. But one thing I will say is that Robitussin has kept me out of a doctors office more times than I would like to count. Hang in there! Ask another mom what they do! And I hope this post helps!

From Cribs to Toddler Beds to….CAFFEINE!

I am in need for caffeine……where did my good sleepers go!?!   Who are these super active two year olds!?!?  Our twins have been fabulous sleepers ever since they were one month old!   After they turned one we would get a few naps plus a full nights rest from them.   Once they turned two they would nap 2 to 3 hours and then go to bed at 7:30pm and wake after 8 sometimes 9am!  It was FABULOUS! Friends and Family would comment “Wow they sleep so well for you!” Right before they turned 2 they discovered they could indeed launch themselves out of their cribs and out their door.  This scared the heck out of me as our bedroom is on the first floor and the way our stairs are built there is no easy way to add a baby gate. They do walk down stairs very well so I’m not entirely concerned at this point of them taking a tumble but, when everyone is asleep I worry about them sneaking downstairs and getting into mischief……plus they should be SLEEPING!  A Toddler who parties all night and gets no sleep is not a happy camper during the day. Continue reading From Cribs to Toddler Beds to….CAFFEINE!

Healthy Family Approved Dinners

Am I the only mom who thinks “gosh I wish I could come home and dinner would just be made?”    I absolutely LOVE cooking and have learned a great deal from my mom. It doesn’t matter how many kids you have most of us moms have to figure out not only what is healthy, what is affordable but, what will my family actually eat!?!?   

Here are a few ideas that have worked well for my family of 6!  (Most are healthy!) Continue reading Healthy Family Approved Dinners

No More Babies “R” Us …Amazon Baby Registry Way To Go!

I decided to write this Blog Post more so now because Babies “R” Us, is no longer going to be around. I truly don’t remember how I found out about this, but when I was pregnant I had two registries. One with Babies “R” Us and One on Amazon. It worked out great because everyone shops on that site and we had a lot of family that live out of town. It was easy for them to pick what they liked and ship. Also some of those things I registered for that are on my “Must Have List” weren’t in the stores , but were so good! So the Amazon Baby Registry allowed me to add those things.  Just a little bit of advice, there is some juggling with the registries. Sometimes, since I had twins, I split up the things I needed that were “Two of”. It worked and I was very happy with the registries. But now with no more Babies “R” Us, I just keep wondering what are the new moms going to do if there is no Buy Buy baby near them.  A little tid bit, sign up for Amazon Moms. There are a lot of benefits from Amazon Moms, especially the Diaper buying and the delivery. The cheapest way to get diapers and juggling the delivery is really easy! Just use the Subscribe and Save; Its worth it!! I was quite amazed at the benefits amazon had and it took me a bit to figure out. I wish someone had told me earlier about all of them! I know some people don’t even realize amazon has a registry amongst other things. I even do a kids wish list for their birthday, so instead of family members asking me what the kids need or like. They can see it for themselves if they want too. It works out great! So click this link if you want to see what the Amazon Baby Registry is about!

A List of Must Haves for your Baby or Babies!

So you just found out that you are having twins and are in complete shock! The question is; what do u need? What do you really need to survive. Some of the things I am going to list are also if you have a singleton baby, so please read on and get some ideas for yourself. I have included links on the products that I used from the very beginning. I hope these things will help you like they have helped me survive! Continue reading A List of Must Haves for your Baby or Babies!

Twin Size Beds versus Toddler Beds

So  the first question is are the twins ready for no more cribs? Well mine were just at the age of 23 months and one climbed out of there crib. And I thought ok its time for beds. THIS SHOULD BE INTERESTING! The are not even two!! So I asked around! I had some people say, “you have to do toddler beds”. Than I had others that said don’t waste your money and just go to twin size beds! Well you guessed it, I wasted my money. Well Kind of!!! Continue reading Twin Size Beds versus Toddler Beds

Potty Training

So your little one has finally indicated what a toilet is! My twins were 2 1/2. She or He asks to sit on one, they ask to change their diaper. What should you do next? Well its time, go out and get some pull-ups and boys underwear or girls underwear! You will need to put the time in for this one, to get the end results! That means shut off the phones and stay around the house! And yes summers are easier! Less clothes to change!! What to do next? Continue reading Potty Training

The Book I Swear By For Sleeping!

When I had twins, I went back to work at week 8! While at work I had a singleton mom sit me down and say. “You have got to read this book!”  I don’t usually listen, but for some reason I did. I was Exhausted and really wanted the Twins to sleep through the night! So I ordered the book via Amazon; Let me tell you its a quick read! Twelve Hours’ Sleep by Twelve Weeks Old (click to see or buy)! I was very apprehensive at first and was thinking “This is not going to work”! BUT IT DOES!! Continue reading The Book I Swear By For Sleeping!

Christmas Gift Ideas

The countdown has begun, the toy catalogues are showing up in the mail, the kids are yelling “I want that!”  at literally every commercial and I have started to figure out how I’m going to budget in fun toys for each of my four kids for Christmas.    As a mom my job is to figure out what each kid wants for Christmas, research best prices, research reviews if the toy is good or ridiculously dumb and figure out how to purchase and wrap everything in secret.   The place I start is typically with TARGETs toy catalogue. The kids know this is my favorite store and I also have the Target app on my phone. I literally hand my phone to my older two so they can search the toys online and add items to my cart.   I let them know these cart items are building a list for Santa. They also go through the catalogue and circle, or my favorite, post-it note the items they want. My daughter this year had literally 40 post-it notes in the catalogue (I REALLY need to limit the amount of post-its I give her!).   We had to go through the list probably 5 times before I convinced her to pair her list down to her top 10! My kids realize Christmas is NOT all about the presents. We start right after Halloween every year and clean out closets and toy bins. Each kid needs to donate toys to the needy and choose toys for their new “wish” list that they will actually use/play with!

I thought I’d share a few top toys in case you are starting to research top 2018 toys Continue reading Christmas Gift Ideas

Being a Mom is hard….lets be honest

There are some days that I feel so organized and everything just falls into place.  Then there are some days I wish I could just crawl back into bed. I’m almost positive I am not the only mom who has had those days.   Did you ever wonder how do I get all of this done? For those of you single moms do you ever think how can I do this all on my own? It is completely normal to feel overwhelmed.   It is completely normal to get frustrated. It is completely normal to yell and not be little miss mommy sunshine every day. Then if you are like me as you look at your ceiling trying to fall asleep at night you second guess EVERYTHING and think I am a terrible mom, I could have done better, will my kids be upset with me, oh CRAP I forgot to do (and list off a thousand things that never got accomplished in the day). Continue reading Being a Mom is hard….lets be honest

Throwing a Birthday or Halloween Party and Need Some Goodie Bag Ideas?

It’s October and that means I have been planning my twins birthday as well as Halloween festivities for school. I have been mainly trying to figure out what can you put inside a goodie bag or Halloween goodie bag, that’s peanut free or a non edible item. Meaning toys only! Continue reading Throwing a Birthday or Halloween Party and Need Some Goodie Bag Ideas?

No I am NOT pregnant!!! Help Getting Your Stomach Flat Again

I think it should be a rule to NEVER ask a woman if she is pregnant – and I mean NEVER – even if she appears to be ready to give birth right in front of you.    After my first son was born I bounced back to my pre-pregnancy weight without any problems. After my daughter was born it took a bit longer to bounce back. After the TWINS…..well they are two and the only thing bouncing STILL is my stomach!   Continue reading No I am NOT pregnant!!! Help Getting Your Stomach Flat Again