Clocks go back!! How to Readjust the kids!

So clocks go back this weekend and the question is what should I do to adjust my kids smoothly to the time change. When you read the post and explanation you may be like “does this make sense”.

Sit a bit and think about it. I usually push the example for when clocks Spring ahead but I thought I would share what you can do for FALL BACK.  This will be a very short post. Its quite easy! So here you go!

Its Early in the week and the weekend is going to sneak up on you fast! So the Clocks will FALLBACK One hour this Saturday night and its not easy with kids and schedules to readjust them. Whether you have a baby, a toddler, a older kid, one baby or twins; its all the same! You are going to start on Thursday night and on Thursday you are going to move the kids bedtime one half hour later! On Friday you are going to move it another half hour later. So come Saturday the Fall back has already occurred! Some kids may not do well adjusting by half hours and if you have to do it 15 minutes than start on Tuesday! Let me explain as an example.

So If your kids usually go to bed at 9pm. ON Thursday of this week, put them in bed at 9:30pm!  Start baths a little later so they adjust!  Your evening after dinner is a little later! All those triggers for the babies, such as baths, lights dim, bottle time, book time are later. Push those bottles to that Half hour Ahead. And remember in the morning of Thursday the schedule restarts with breakfast. So push that first feeding the half hour as well. Your 8am breakfast will now be 8:30am. On Friday that bedtime is going to be at 10pm!  Remember on Friday morning you have to adjust breakfast another half hour to 9am then. (Your usual breakfast on Wednesday was 8am, Thursday was 8:30am, and Friday is 9am) I know it may be hard for some because its Friday, Kids will be shot! But trust me it does work! If you have babies that change starts with breakfast and lunch as well!! It makes life easier come Saturday! Come Saturday, they go to bed at 10pm and when those clocks readjust in the morning. Everything will be right on track. When they go to bed Sunday night at there regular time at 9pm…They have already adjusted.  So come Sunday evening you may even be able to get them in bed a little earlier than the regular 9pm! Good luck!!

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