Our Story

Many moms find out they are pregnant and start to research and read books on new babies.   I was the same with my singletons….research, read, plan, it was a magical time.  Fast forward 6 years, two kids later and I found out I was pregnant with TWINS.    What an exciting and shocking moment!   I went into over drive looking up twin carriers, beds, strollers, etc, etc, etc.   I discovered something by the name of Table for Two; That is when I went into overdrive looking on twin mom sites attempting to locate a new or slightly used Table for Two.   This is how I met my good friend Mom of Double Trouble who lived states away and was selling a very nice used Table.   Unfortunately, the shipping was outrageously expensive due to the large box.  In the end I decided to buy new (which is honestly THE BEST product and decision I have EVER made!)   Mom of Double Trouble was so helpful informing me of products that worked, things to buy and not buy and methods to try when the twins arrived.  We just clicked!  I do believe that email and the internet CAN allow you to make the best of friends with someone you may never have met in person!  Mom of Double Trouble and I connected and have been friends ever since.  We offer support, advise and sometimes just get each other to laugh when we are feeling lost or frustrated.    I always joked with Mom of Double Trouble that she should blog her life and help others…..then I realized why not join in the fun…I should hopefully know something after two singletons and now twins!    Sooooo Help US Help YOU!