Potty Training Twins

Diapers are expensive let’s be honest.  Although I was excited at the prospect of not having to buy diapers I was slightly panicked about potty training kids.   You might be thinking – why would she be worried about potty training she has two older kids?    I’m sure I’m not the only mom who forgets things – lets be honest I can walk into a room and forget what I need to get/do/or say to someone.   I cannot for the life of me remember the details of potty training my older two.   Plus potty training twins is a whole new world.   

Mom of Twins did write a blog on her experience with potty training her boy/girl twins.   I did take some of her tips but, I also had a slightly different experience I thought I’d share.

First, your children need to show signs that they are ready to start potty training.   Remember all children are different.   Some may show interest earlier than 2 and some not until they are 3 ½.  My boys started at 2 to hide while pooping waving at us “No Look”.    They would also tell us when they needed a diaper change if we did not notice that they had peed/etc.    If you start to notice these signs then prep your kids to begin.   Start to talk about the potty – read books or watch cartoons.    Schedule and exciting trip to your favorite store to purchase “big kid” underwear.   

Potty Training Twins doesn’t necessarily mean it will more difficult it just means you might need to move faster in my experience.    Faster to notice that one twin is showing signs they need to go, faster to get both on/off the potty, etc.    

You might want to consider these tips with twins:

Invest in a potty seat, pull-ups and big kid underwear.   We decided to not purchase little potties for the boys.  We have stools and potty inserts which work very well.   I did not need an extra potty to have to empty/clean and didn’t want to train them to use a small potty and then train them to use the big potty.  

If you are able to have the twins go bottomless that will save you from having to do more laundry.   I would however avoid the carpeted areas of your home for extended playtimes unless you are keeping a very watchful eye.  (Personal experience tip:  If you have a small ball pit for your kiddos remove it until they have learned how to use the potty.  My daughter had one of these and had multiple accidents.   It is a PAIN to clean a ball pit and the 100’s of balls inside of it!)

Dress for Success – if you don’t want to have them go bottomless then dress in easy to pull on/off clothing.   My boys either run around in underwear or underwear and sweatpants.   Avoid buckles/zippers/etc.  

Get extra help.    Bring in your mom, mother in law, husband, nanny, etc to help watch one twin while you watch the other.

Demonstrate – take your kiddos into the bathroom with you.   Have older siblings show them that they use the potty.   If you have boys have your husband or older son demonstrate that boys can also pee standing up.    My one twin prefers to stand while my other twin prefers to sit – every child will be different.   

Rewards – You can use M&M’s or smarties or fruit chews to entice your child to want to go potty.   It can be intimidating at first but, the promise of a treat can help.   

Show Excitement – Celebrate when your child uses the potty by singing/cheering/dancing.   My one twin loves this celebration while my other twin will literally shush you until he is done going to the bathroom then a quiet celebration is accepted.

Avoid sticker charts or comparing the twins – there is no need to have a visual or constant reminder that one twin is behind the other.  This will not be motivating and instead may cause feeling of competition or jealousy.

Keep extra clothes close by – keep a basket of underwear/pants/socks/shirts close by.   Our boys room is upstairs and they play very often in our finished basement.   It saves time by keeping extra clothes near just in the case there is an accident.   

Stay positive – if there is an accident stay positive.   Mom of Twins is correct if they do have an accident it is not their fault – it is the parents fault for not reminding or taking the child frequently to the bathroom to “try”.   

I did follow the reminder rules that Mom of Twins recommended.   Remind your child every 15 minutes to use the potty.   With my boys I had to physically take them to the bathroom and sit them down every 15 minutes.   My one boy caught on right away and would go to the bathroom on his own.   My other twin needed me to take him to the bathroom and have him “try”.   

Try not to nag and definitely do not force your child to sit on the potty even if you KNOW they have to go.   You can lead your child to the bathroom but, do NOT force them to use the potty.   Also, don’t deny your child drinks.   Drink and eat as you usually would.  There is no need to increase fluids to a crazy amount.   

POOP– Now this is typically something your child may catch on to slower than pee.     If your child poops in their pants take them to the potty and see if they need to finish up.   Place the poop if you can from their underwear to the potty and say this is where poopy goes.   We typically wave it goodbye lol!

This process might seem endless but, be patient we all got the hang of it.   Be patient and encouraging and realize your children are all individuals and may catch on at different times.  Right now if you were to visit my house you would hear us saying “Peepee Potty!?!?”  Every 15/20 minutes.   I’m sure glad its wintertime and my windows aren’t open or I think my neighbors might think we are nuts!

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